Once people were forced to buy doors that were just available for sale - and unfortunately there were very few. In old houses or flats you can still see today doors that do not fit into the interior - they were bought because there was no other choice. Nowadays, however, the number of different models is so large that the door can be used as a decorative element! We show the most original solutions for interiors!

Doors in the right style

We arrange interiors in a specific style - wanting to achieve the effect that suits us best. Scandinavian style is now the most popular, but many people also opt for classic, American, Provencal or retro style. In fact, there is a great deal of freedom, because the amount of furniture and accessories is huge. The door is no longer simply an element that is located in the passageway between one room and another. They are now in themselves a decoration, a decoration, an addition - which can and should harmonize with the rest of the arrangement.

Hidden doors - a new trend

An interesting solution that can be found nowadays in some modern interiors is the so-called hidden door. Of course, this is not about any transitions that open when a particular book is taken off the shelf, as it happens in American films. It's more about doors that blend in with the wall - because they're in the same style as the rest. They can be painted in the same color, covered with the same wallpaper and so on. This is an interesting solution, which is still gaining new supporters.

Glass doors for home and business

Glass doors are also very popular today. They can be successfully installed both in apartments and in companies - as an entrance to offices or conference rooms. They are very stylish and look very modern. They look best in interiors decorated in a modern style - full of electronics and original. Especially since they can be covered with various ornaments - for example, flower motifs.

Decorative doors for interior use

A completely separate group consists of doors, which have both decorative and practical functions. Glazing on them can, for example, be arranged in such a way as to make them as ornamental as possible, or they can be created in different patterns - for example, cut out in the shape of puzzles. The number of possibilities here is very large, but it is worth noting that depending on the type of someone decides to, the product will fit into such interiors.

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