You don't have to convince anyone that you're buying with your eyes. Even for the best product you won't get many applicants if it doesn't have the right binding. And with the binding in mind, we're also talking about a shop window. Its attractiveness determines whether the customer wants to visit the interior at all.

How to attract customers to the store? What should be done to make the exposition expressive and tempting, while at the same time allowing to build the brand image? Designing it can be the key to success - whether you've created a chain of stores or run one small store. Even small changes can increase your attractiveness on the market.

Why is the website so important?

First of all - because it's the first impression that counts. The client will build them in his head literally in a split second. You have so little time to convince him that it is worth paying more attention to your shop. This is a shop window, so the glass behind which the exhibition is located is the first direct contact point. And since today's competition is high, you can't afford to neglect it.

Is it not enough to inform about promotions and discounts?

Indeed - price reduction announcements are a good lure for the customer. Especially in stores that sell food, cosmetics or other "first need" products. But the price is not always decisive and it is not always the first and only factor that determines a purchase decision. A shop with electronics, natural cosmetics, organic food, perfumery or clothing boutique... are just a few of the places where the image and the so-called vibe, i.e. the climate of the space, are crucial. The website can become a source of inspiration - presenting the latest fashion trends, or simply "cool" look and attract with custom design, targeted at a specific target group, i.e. the target group.

Which elements of the shop window are important?

Every detail counts: from the lighting, shape, colouring and arrangement of shelves and pedestals to the racks with (or without) price information, to visual consistency with the logo and other elements of the brand. Its design is a real chess and an exam of knowledge of sales psychology and the latest marketing trends.

Focus on classic design? A retro genre scene? Or maybe a completely crazy decoration that evokes a smile and encourages with a positive atmosphere? It all depends on what your brand is, what you sell, to which customer you direct your products. Since there is no single, good, universal solution, the question arises: how to find one's own way? You can bet on cooperation with specialists who "know their stuff" and will take care of creating an attractive exhibition from A to Z.

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