A comfortable studio unit is a big challenge. On a small area you have to fit basically everything - a living room, bedroom, office. The decoration of the studio window should also be functional. What options are worth considering?

The bachelor window and its functions

In a small one-room apartment, the window is a very important element. It determines the amount of light in the whole apartment and gives rhythm to the interior design. If there is only one window, you need to arrange the space in such a way that it is freely accessible (easy to open and close the window). At the same time, plan its decoration in such a way that the amount of light can be freely controlled depending on whether the room is currently used as a bedroom, living room or workplace.

Functional window decoration in a one-room flat - 3 possibilities

Day - night roller blinds - a comfortable and fashionable choice for a bachelor party

Fashionable for several seasons, day and night roller blinds are an ideal solution in a small apartment. During the day, when we want to keep more light flowing, we move the belts so that the fabric allowing light to enter the space (but at the same time we protect privacy, because the window is not fully exposed, as in the case of a traditional roller blind). In rooms where this solution will still block too much light, the roller blinds can be freely lifted to 1/3 or half of the window height.

After dark, when we care about privacy, we move the belts in the roller blind so that the whole thing is covered with an impermeable to the eyes fabric. The smooth ability to adjust the amount of light will also work well when you are working in a studio during the day.

Window shading blinds

Alternative models of roller blinds, which will work well in a studio, are blackout roller blinds. Thanks to their thick, rubberized material, they do not allow light to pass through from the outside, making it possible to darken the room even in the middle of the day.

The function of shading roller shutters can be reduced to two most important things - they completely block the access of light from the outside (which is extremely important for peaceful, undisturbed sleep and night rest) and 100% block the visibility from the outside. The person observing the house does not even see shadows moving inside the apartment. In the densely built-up areas of modern blocks of flats it is sometimes the only option to keep privacy in one's own flat.

It is also the best solution if you work in shifts and you want to sleep comfortably.

Roller blinds + curtain rod - functional window

If you do not want to install blackout blinds, because day-night blinds are more suitable for you and you dream of total darkness at night, then a solution may be a double window decoration based on blinds enriched with blackout curtains. The window is then fitted with daytime (or traditional) roller blinds, and the additional single curtain rod is used to install shading curtains, which are used at night and when the room requires shading (e.g. watching movies).

Bachelor blinds - the best choice

Why do roller blinds work better in studios than traditional curtain curtains? Because in one-room apartments with a kitchenette the biggest problem is lack of space. Maintaining order in a small space is really troublesome, and each additional trinket enhances the sense of chaos. Fancy curtains with curtains, which look beautiful in larger salons, in a small and cramped studio, will additionally build up the impression of excess stuff and mess. Simple, bright roller blinds look much better in such spaces, which will expose the window during the day and provide access to light, and if necessary protect privacy and ensure a peaceful night's sleep.

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