Paintings are one of the most popular interior decorations. Properly selected, they can completely change the interior design of a room. However, will they work well as a gift for a window sill? How to choose them so that they delight the recipient?

What kind of painting for a gift?

A picture may turn out to be a great idea for a window sills gift, provided that we choose it properly. What counts above all is its compatibility with the interior design. Fortunately, there are so many different motifs available on the market that we will certainly find a variant that will suit the taste of the person we want to give. What is worth choosing or giving up? expert advises you not to decide to reproduce popular images. It is one of the cheapest and most banal solutions. What's more, it usually only fits into classic style interiors, and these are less and less common. However, if you know that the recipient is a lover of such art, you can opt for this option, except that it is best if it is a hand-painted painting.
As mentioned above, the image should be adjusted to the interior design. If it was arranged in style:

  • classic - then paintings depicting mountain landscapes, floral compositions and still life will be a good choice,
  • modern - a good solution will be paintings with architecture of big cities. A variety of motivational subtitles, world maps and abstractions will also work,
  • Scandinavian - minimalistic graphics depicting animals, such as bears, deer or wolves, will present themselves best,
  • rustic - pastel shades of paintings depicting floral compositions will work well,
  • Mediterranean and maritime - the sea landscapes will then be a bull's eye,
  • industrial - vintage paintings will look good.

Remember that the above mentioned motifs are only a part of a wide range of possibilities available on the market. More inspiring ideas can be found in the store. Thanks to a large variety of motifs we will certainly choose a picture that will appeal to the person we want to give.

Relevant framework

It also depends on the type of frame whether the image will match the interior design. First, if you decide to purchase several images for one room, all frames should be made of identical material and have the same color. Only then will we create a harmonious composition.

In classic, rustic and Scandinavian rooms, wooden frames will look particularly good. However, they should have a minimalist form. In the case of modern interiors, frames made of plastic will look interesting. Metal variants, on the other hand, are suitable for industrial applications.

However, if none of the above materials suits us, we can choose a stretcher. It is nothing more than a painting painted on canvas and stretched on a painting loom, without frames. It looks particularly good in modern and minimalist interiors.

What size?

This is another parameter that should be taken into account when choosing a picture as a gift. The size of the image should depend on the amount of available space. However, we don't have to decide on a large-format canvas right away. A few smaller paintings of similar subject matter will look equally beautiful.

If we want to diversify the composition, which includes several small paintings hung next to each other, then we can replace two of them with mirrors or white sheets of paper in frames. In this way we will gain a unique decoration, which our guests will certainly pay attention to.

To sum up, we will find a number of pictures on the market that can be a perfect gift for a window sill. However, it is important to choose the right motif. For this purpose, the style of the interior as well as the preferences of the recipient should be taken into account.

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