Do you want to refresh your "4 angles"? Don't you have the money and time for expensive, tedious repairs? Don't worry. Don't worry. Our tips will give your apartment a second life. Quickly, inexpensively and... spectacularly! Metamorphosis of living room, bedroom or kitchen does not have to be expensive. What should I do to avoid spending a fortune on repairs?

Paint furniture and floors

You don't have to buy new furniture to change the interior spectacularly. All you have to do is... paint them in a completely different color. No, it's not a joke. Thanks to modern paints available on the market, you can precisely cover cabinets, shelves and worktops with colour. If you want to go one step further, you can also reach for glaze and terracotta paint and turn boring gray tiles into black and white chessboard or a juicy green meadow.

Amend the Appendices

It is not without reason that it is said that the additives create the atmosphere of the interior. Especially against the background of classic, traditional furniture arrangements will help you to achieve the desired effect. If you want to make your home look really special, say goodbye to the old accessories that have been accumulated for years and replace them with new ones - with consistent colours and harmonious styling. Before you choose add-ons, consider what effect you would like to achieve. Thanks to this, he will select products according to a specific key and you will avoid the chaos arrangement effect.

Advice: Do not buy random objects based on their aesthetics alone. So what if this vase is really beautiful when it doesn't fit in with other accessories in the living room?

Reach for the door stickers.

Another element that will change your apartment in a spectacular way can be... door stickers. Adhesive directly to their surface will make the interior look modern and unusually original. Juicy lime with mint, raspberry juice or refreshing coca-cola? Thanks to a wide selection of patterns you can successfully adapt the sticker not only to the character of the room but also to your own preferences. Made of foil with RAPID AIR technology allows for easy, fast and precise application. No risk of unsightly bubbles under the foil. An important advantage of stickers for doors is also the possibility of hiding small scratches or damage, which through years of use carry the wings.

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