Securing your home against burglary is one of the most popular topics and passwords entered into the search engine. Do you believe in the effectiveness of alarms, detectors and systems? The multitude of articles on the subject has resulted in myths whose overthrow is our duty.

Ready to know the truth?

Myth number one: Motion detectors are good everywhere.

Motion detectors are one of the basic elements of any security system and at the same time they are relatively inexpensive. No wonder that we see them in almost every building, in a place where they can only be installed. Yes, motion detectors do work, but only at points that are not exposed to unnecessary movement caused by your pet's tail wagging or energetic children's play.

Myth overthrown!

Myth number two: Burglar-proof doors with an indestructible citadel...

Offers of shops and manufacturers emphasize that the anti-burglary doors provide a significant improvement in the security of each plot. The truth is, however, that burglar-proof doors do not exist as such, because there are only products with slightly reinforced parameters in this range or created on the basis of more durable materials.

- However, they are not 100% security against burglary, but an addition to improve the quality of overall security.

Myth overthrown!

Myth number 3: Roller shutters with primary protection

External roller blinds are mainly used for thermal insulation and aesthetics, they are far from improving protection. They can at most in some way support the type of windows that they have. However, they are not able to discourage the burglar to undertake the act, and it does not matter on which floor your apartment is located. Know that you will do more by investing in windows made of more solid material than external roller blinds.

Myth overthrown!

Myth number four: 24-hour monitoring with the right choice

Monitoring certainly significantly supports the protection of a plot of land. However, the question arises - is 24-hour camera operation a good choice? This idea works well in the case of wired cameras with constant access to power, not necessarily in battery-powered monitoring, where every hour worked can result in premature exhaustion of power supply and simply the cessation of operation. It is worth considering where the camera will be the most effective and which type of camera will be the most useful. Otherwise, even a 24-hour operation will not bring the desired results.

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