When spring arrives, many Poles want to change their four walls. And what are the most spring and cheerful prints? Floral motifs, of course! They can be used in a number of interesting ways!

Floristic motifs are a hit!

It turns out that the current season is unquestionably a floral motif, but one who would be mistaken to think that these are the most classic, ordinary, banal patterns. It doesn't look like that. Today we deal with floral motifs in retro, vintage, modern, industrial, lofty, rustic, boho or oriental style - we have to admit that there is definitely something to choose from!

What kind of decorations and ornaments do we encounter? It's certainly worth thinking about making floral motifs appear on textiles. Charming pillows, curtains or curtains and bed linen with this type of print really look great, bring to the room a lot of coziness, delicacy and family atmosphere. For example, a stylish woman's bedroom inch with flowers is definitely an arrangement hit in the bull's eye.

On the walls we recommend printed images, which will be a perfect complement to many arrangements. Whether it's beautiful oriental orchids, retro blowers, funny colorful vintage palms or classic roses, the interior will change for the better.

floral motifs

One motive or more?

It would seem that if we think about floral motifs in interior design, only one copy can appear in one room. This is not entirely true, because more and more often flowers of different types are combined in one space. The effect, I must admit, is very interesting, fits perfectly into rustic motifs, boho and shabby chic.

Flower motifs will ingeniously decorate the bedroom, they will also become a very interesting element of the living room, dining room, hallway or kitchen. Everything seems to indicate that we'll never get bored!

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