It may be different - round, flat, classic or modern, but it always serves the same purpose. Bathroom washbasins are the basis for daily care and hygiene. We meet her several times a day, so it's important to choose the best one. What should I pay attention to during the selection process?

We have to take into account a few factors that determine whether a given model will be the best for our bathroom. They need to be analysed to ensure a good choice.

How do I choose the mounting method?

The vast majority of bathroom sinks are fixed to the wall, but this is not the rule, because we have more and more new solutions. In general, we distinguish three types of fastening. Traditional option: bathroom sinks hung against the wall and covered with a pedestal. In some cases it may be a decorative siphon. This solution has its limitations, because underneath it is not possible to develop a space.

Furniture washbasins, i.e. another type of washbasin, are fixed to the wall and a cabinet is hung (or placed) beneath it, which is adapted to its shape. The last type is countertop washbasins. As the name suggests, they are placed on a tabletop, while underneath there is a lot of room for development, for example, for cleaning products.

What kind of material?

As important as the method of fixing is the right material. The choice in this respect is very large. There is special glass, tempered, so in case of breakage does not cause injury. It is durable and looks great in modern bathrooms. Another option is conglomerates, which are made on the basis of natural stones. They are extremely durable and easy to clean. So does stainless steel, which is also easy to clean, but which is prone to scratches. Wood is very impressive and always elegant, but it requires maintenance and is quite expensive. Many people choose white ceramics because it is durable, aesthetic and easy to keep clean.

Wash basin for large and small bathrooms

Remember that the most depends on the size of the bathroom and its shape. For small rooms, the most practical is the not too large washbasins with a width of 40 cm, which are not too large. Corner, countertop and countertop washbasins are also suitable. Underneath, you can arrange a storage compartment for various bathroom accessories. This is particularly necessary in a small bathroom, as there is often no room for furniture. In a large bathroom, there are two solutions: a larger double washbasin or two smaller ones. Ideal as they are next to each other. It is worth remembering to choose quality and proven bathroom sinks from well-known manufacturers.

Choosing the right wash basin for your bathroom can be problematic and it's not as easy as it sounds at first. However, bearing in mind a few guidelines - the ones we have presented in this article - it will be easier for us to match the right model.

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