A children's room is a challenge for parents, who have to change into amateur designers for the duration of the room. This space has many functions, so it should be able to cope with children's needs and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Buying new furniture whenever a child grows older is a huge expense.

That's why it's worth looking at ergonomic furniture that can perform its function for a long time, adapted to changing needs and weight and the height of a room tenant.

Focus on what?

All furniture, including the most important bed and desk in the room, must be matched to the current growth of the child. Buying furniture "for the future" is tempting, because children grow so fast. It is worth noting, however, that before the child grows up to too high a desk, he will twist his spine and spoil his eyesight because of the poorly inclined angle of the top. It is very important to sit at the desk in the correct position, not only for adults, but also for a few years old children. Otherwise, from an early age, defects and abnormal habits will appear.

Desk - ergonomics counts

Although the first, solid desk is usually bought for a first-class primary school student, smaller children can draw, play, glue and play with Plasticine. The adjustable desk will allow you to keep the height of the desk low for several years. The tabletop should have a minimum adjustment range of 55 to 75 cm.

Safe desk for students

Such a desk will certainly be marked as a children's desk. You should not choose a desk for young people or adults, not even with the future in mind - what counts is "here and now". There are plenty of children's furniture offers that are very nice and comfortable. You will also need an adjustable chair. It should have at least a few adjustable elements so that it always provides support for the spine - seat, backrest, handrails.

Healthy, comfortable bed

A bed is one of those pieces of furniture that can be adjusted and adapted to the needs of children for years to come. That is why it is worth investing in its quality first of all. The best are beds with wooden frames, covered with non-toxic paints and varnishes. A mattress suitable for the height of a child with a minimum thickness of 10 cm should be fitted to the bed. What color? As it will be a piece of furniture for years to come, it is best to choose a bed in a neutral shade of white, grey and brown. Each bed also has its own weight capacity - choose the highest possible capacity to make the furniture perform its function, regardless of whether the child weighs 20 kg or 40 kg.

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