Not so long ago, painting a flat without the help of a professional seemed impossible to us, so few people tried to do it on their own. Now, however, we have a huge selection of improved paints and all the necessary tools to make this task no longer seem so complicated. Modern facilities make it easy for us to prepare our apartment for work, paint it and clean it when everything is ready. Not only will we refresh the interior of our home to the colors of our choice, but we will also undoubtedly feel extremely satisfied with the fact that we did it ourselves! Then why not try?

First of all, choose a color!

The choice of colours to decorate individual rooms is a great pleasure, but also a matter that requires a lot of thought. In this case, it is worth to use special programs simulating the appearance of the room in the colors we choose. Thanks to this, it will be much easier for us to imagine the final result of our work, and thus the risk of disappointment will become much smaller. Such a virtual design can be a great idea that will speed up our decision about the best color.

Both the colours and texture of the walls in a room have an impact on the appearance of the room, but also on ourselves. So if you're looking for the right color for the room you're sleeping in, you'd rather opt for calmer colors to relax you. In the case of small rooms, where not too much light reaches them, we should definitely resign from dark colours. It is also important to know the colours of the furniture in the room, but also the tastes and personalities of the people who spend most of their time in the room. Hyperactive or impulsive people should stay in mild colors that have a calming effect, while people who need an injection of energy definitely need to choose vivid, stimulating colors.

What kind of paints do we have?

Currently, the range of paints that we can find in stores is extremely wide, so it is worth to know the types of paints that may be most useful.

Acrylic paints - their great advantage is that they contain acrylic resin. Thanks to this, they are highly resistant to moisture, abrasion and even various types of detergents. We also don't have to wait too long for them to dry out, as it takes about an hour, and after that we can enjoy their shiny appearance.

Latex paints - thanks to the addition of rubber, paints of this type are extremely durable and characterized by high resistance to damage (including sunlight and water). They cover the walls perfectly, which makes them very smooth. They can dry from 30 minutes to two hours.

3. vinyl paints - due to the fact that vinyl paints form a very thick layer on the painted surfaces, they are mainly used for painting house facades. At the same time, they are resistant to yellowing and extremely durable, as they are not exposed to solvents or chemicals.

Mineral paints - are used to paint bricks, stone, concrete and mineral plasters. Their porous surface allows for easy evaporation of moisture. Among mineral paints we distinguish, among others, lime, flint or cement paints.

5. alkyd paints - used primarily for painting windows and doors or metal parts. In the case of walls, they are mainly used to create so-called wall panelling. They are characterized by resistance to various weather conditions and a very hard coating.

How to paint walls?

In order for the walls to be painted, they must first be prepared accordingly. If these are new walls, we must therefore primer them. How do I do that? For this we need special means with which we can create a primer on the wall to make it easier to paint them. If the walls have been painted before, they must be washed. Above all, we need to wipe off dust and dirt from them, as these defects can have a negative impact on the adhesion of our paint. In addition, it is necessary to check the thickness and type of paint previously used. We wash these emulsions with warm water and detergent, but unfortunately we have to scrape off the glue paints. The finished wall can be covered with new paint.

Remember to start with the ceiling and places that require more precision, such as around windows, doors or fireplaces. We paint the wall itself from lintels and places where two colours combine. To apply paint we can use a roller or a large brush, while the wall is painted from the top to the bottom. Very important thing is not to paint the walls "on installments", postponing part of the task for the next days. Then the paint can have different shades. The room that is being painted should have a temperature above 5 degrees Celsius and its humidity should be less than 70%. The surfaces to be painted for the first time are covered with paint at least twice.

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