With the coming of spring, not only nature can awaken to life, but also our interiors. How to get a great effect at a low cost? We present solutions in line with the latest trends, which will affect the well-being and creativity of all members of the household.

Feeria of colours against the background of fresh white

Breaking out of the winter lethargy starts with small changes. Such a change may be decorative pillowcases in violet, green and red colours. It is the colours of the earth, strongly saturated reds and purples that are to reign in our interiors in 2018. These are colours that will help to create an interior design focused on detail, so that our four corners will look original and taste good. This avoids the impression of being overwhelmed.

Intensive colours are the most important element of the spring metamorphosis. They allow you to bring energy and dynamics into the interior, so it is good to let your imagination run wild and combine several different accents. At the same time, the details and texture are important, which will determine the final effect of our arrangement efforts.

Magic locked in the light

Spring days give us more and more light to use. To get the most out of your natural light, change heavy curtains to airy open-work options. Choosing curtains in a colour similar to the accessories, we gain a visually coherent whole, which will bring home a unique warmth. At the same time, we must not forget the tricks that artificial light offers us. Slender standing lamps will allow us to optically enlarge the interior, and ceiling lamps directing the light upwards will raise the room.

An unbridled green thicket

Flowers will give cosiness to even the most austere apartment. Which species are the best to reach for? It depends on our taste and the degree of sunshine in a given interior. In the sun-filled living room, azaleas, orchids and ficuses will be perfect. In turn in our kitchen we cannot miss aromatic herbs such as e.g. basil, oregano, and thyme. Thanks to them, our kitchen will have an unwavering idyllic atmosphere. And for a poorly lit bathroom we recommend a wing or a palm tree.

Flowers not only in pots

Spring styling should be based on nature, so subtle patterns in soft colours are the perfect base. Romantic floral patterns on fabrics introduce a subtle and optimistic atmosphere into the interior. The styling taken out of the Austin novel will be complemented by a richly ornamented kitchen set. Scented candles placed in decorative lanterns or glass will make the spring climate even more noticeable.

Mirror reflection of spring

Mirrors and crystals are reliable ways to expose your interior. Depending on your preferences, you can illuminate the room with them and thus optically enlarge the room. The best effect of enlarging the space will be gained by hanging a mirror horizontally opposite the exit or e.g. on the door of a large wardrobe. If we fix them vertically, the interior will seem higher. When choosing a frame, remember that the more it is decorated, the worse the zoom effect will be. An attractive wall will work well in any interior, especially in a darkened vestibule. In the corridor it is best to reach for a smooth mirror that will illuminate the room. In addition, you can use minimalist furniture with a glossy finish. Thanks to all these procedures, the interior will seem more open.

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