Rattan is a rather general name, which hides various species of climbing palms found in Asian tropical forests. For years now, appropriately prepared climbers have been used as a raw material for the production of furniture, especially garden furniture. Not so long ago, however, a completely new and in a sense even revolutionary material appeared in the furniture industry - we are talking about technorattan.

What's worth knowing about him? How is it different from its "original"?

Rattan furniture

Rattan, as already mentioned, is the name for many species of climbing palms and their "wood". It is a completely natural material, which is obtained by cutting off exceptionally fast growing vines. Rattan furniture is an important point in the offer of many shops, but this material has one major drawback - unfortunately, it is damaged by the sun, which deprives it of color and makes it look moderately attractive after a relatively short time, and yet this is not what we expect from garden furniture. Luckily, some time ago, a material was created that has all the advantages of rattan, but is free of its drawbacks - we are talking about technorattan. What is its characteristics and why is it worth paying a little attention to?

Technorattan furniture

Technorattan garden furniture is "special-purpose equipment". Thanks to them, a garden, terrace or balcony can look great for many years, even if the plants are not too impressive, for example because we do not have time or desire to care for them. In the case of such furniture we do not need to think about its maintenance - cleaning with a damp cloth or washing with a hose is sufficient. Also the operation itself does not seem to be particularly troublesome - flexible plastic is not susceptible to damage. Any bruising or fracture is rare because the elasticity of the material effectively prevents it. One can risk a statement that garden furniture made of technorattan has in a sense become the cause of a revolution in the "industry". They make it possible to have a beautiful garden even if it consists of a lawn and reliable, but also nice furniture.

Garden furniture made of technorattan and those made of rattan occupy an important place in our gardens, but it seems that the undisputed advantages of the former make them come to the fore. In fact, it is difficult to wonder about a similar tendency - after all, most often we reach for what gives us the most benefits.

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