The times when the only task of the kettle was to bring water to the boil are long gone. Fortunately, less and less often appliances made of poor quality metal are used in our kitchens, giving way to modern and often technologically advanced devices, whose role is not only to cook water, but also to complement the interior design of our flat and emphasize the individual style of the kitchen.

Proposals from kitchen equipment manufacturers

Leading manufacturers of kitchen equipment constantly expand their offer, following the latest trends in interior design and try to adjust their products to the expectations of demanding customers. Designing a device that will be functional, will not require frequent servicing and at the same time will be in line with the current fashion, is not easy, but the staff of professionals in the field of the latest technology and interior design copes with this task perfectly.

Among the latest proposals of electric kettle manufacturers dominate minimalist forms without flashy decorations. The materials used in the most fashionable devices are mainly high quality steel and plastic or wood, which is used to make the handle. The design is dominated by a smooth texture, although there are also some geometric embossing to highlight the metallic colours of the kettles. The most fashionable are the gentle, but at the same time expressive colors. Black and white dominate, although shades of grey and beige are also popular. The kettle's coverage depends on the customer's preferences. The offer includes both matt equipment and those covered with a stylish glossy or pearl coating. The modern design is complemented by metallic (often chrome-plated) details, such as buttons, lids, handles, etc., which emphasize the innovative character of the objects. Manufacturers also took care not to unnecessarily expose the elements that spoil the interior design, so they designed special lockers for power cords, so that in our kitchen there will not appear a dense network of braided cables.

What should I pay attention to when choosing an electric kettle?

When choosing a new electric kettle, we should consider what parameters are most important for us, i.e. we should determine which functions we will use most often. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the most suitable capacity of the device for us. Kettle with a capacity of one and a half liters will be great for a family of several people, but it will not necessarily be a good solution for a constantly busy and rushing single. Special safety functions are also a great solution to make the use of the device more secure. The most common are: automatic switch-off after boiling water, protection against starting without water and automatic switch-off when removing the kettle from the base. Undoubtedly, the use of removable filters that are easy to clean and do not allow excessive accumulation of limescale in the tank is also worth mentioning. It is also worth taking care that the kettle is equipped with a covered heater, which will protect us against accidental burns.

And of course design! When choosing a kettle we should not forget that its task is also to complete our interior and emphasize its individual character.

It is worth remembering that when buying a new electric kettle we should make sure that it has all the functions that will facilitate and speed up everyday activities, but also remember that an electric kettle is an investment for at least a few years, so it is worth making sure that the device fits into our kitchen and the style in which our apartment was furnished. The task of a modern kettle is not only to fulfill its original function, but also to elegantly and stylishly complement the interior.

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