A perfect kitchen is one of the most important tasks facing someone who wants to create a fully satisfactory place to live. Unfortunately, we very often neglect this issue. It seems to us that the kitchen is not such an important room, and the whole arrangement of the kitchen should only consist of putting appropriate household appliances and a few basic furniture into it. In reality, however, the issue is much more complicated and usually requires much more time and attention.

This is proven by the fact that many different styles and innovative solutions for the kitchen can now be found in the field of interior design. Of course, it is worth to take a closer look at them all, because thanks to this we will be able to find something that will work perfectly in our home. Classic grey kitchen

One of the most interesting proposals of this type are the so-called kitchen islands. A relatively young solution, which is only just gaining wider recognition in Poland - nevertheless, already now definitely deserves the greatest attention from our side. Thanks to it, it is possible to achieve really high functionality in the kitchen, and to create a very modern room. However, the application of something like this in your home requires careful planning. Therefore, it is worth to think about it already at the stage of initial kitchen arrangement, because then it may turn out to be too late to make such changes. At the very beginning we have to say that kitchen islands make sense only in spacious, open kitchens - if we have only a small room for such functions, then this solution will have virtually no raison d'être.

How do you know if your kitchen is versatile enough to use something like this?

It was generally accepted that the distance between the island and other elements of the room should be about one meter, preferably 120 - 130 cm. If we are not able to provide ourselves with such space, it is better not to go to an island, because such a room will be simply impractical and uncomfortable. Most interior decoration specialists agree that we need a kitchen with an area of at least 20 square meters. As we have already said, the best effect can be achieved if one room is to serve as a kitchen, dining room and living room at the same time. At the same time, it ensures full functionality - kitchen and other functions are both easily accessible and clearly separated from each other. That's why it's so important to keep an adequate distance between the island and other elements of the room - walls or furniture - here. We must be able to move freely in such a place, and the presence of the island should in no way restrict our movements. One of the most important issues during the preparation of a project of such an island is what functionality and possibilities we will need.

White modern kitchenKitchen islands themselves are very diverse, so everything depends on our individual preferences. The simplest ones consist only of an ordinary table top for basic kitchen activities, but the more advanced ones can give us much more possibilities. Islands, for example, can be equipped with a cooker, which, however, significantly increases the need for free space. In such a case the island build from kitchen and countertops on both sides of it should measure at least 140 cm in width - not in every kitchen we can afford such a thing. The more functions a kitchen island has, the more free space we have to allocate to it. In such an island we can accommodate practically all kitchen functions, including a sink. The use of such solutions in rooms with too little space, however, makes the results obtained are not very satisfactory - neither do they improve the interior in terms of aesthetics, nor do they improve its functionality.

In addition, depending on the function of the kitchen island, it is necessary to plan the appropriate installations in advance. Without it, our island will not be able to be equipped with a sink or a stove. We must therefore think about this already at the stage of building a house, because correcting any negligence at a later stage would be too expensive to be profitable. Kitchen in English style

Apart from gas, water, sewage and electrical installations, it will be good to remember about proper ventilation. Kitchen island is usually located in the immediate vicinity of the living room, so you need to find a good solution that will help to eliminate the problem of too intense smells that arise during cooking. A kitchen island is therefore not an option for everyone. If you don't have the right conditions in your home, it won't be a good idea - we'll just ruin the interior of your kitchen. However, if we can afford it and plan and build such an island in a proper way, the effect will be really great. In this way, we will obtain a very modern and functional room, which in addition will be very interesting in terms of visual appearance.

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