Don't you want the smell of food prepared in the kitchen to spread all over the house or penetrate curtains or furniture? A cooker hood will remove such problems from your kitchen, but you need to think carefully about which type of appliance to choose. There are many models available on the market, but without basic knowledge it is difficult to buy the right one. So we suggest what to pay attention to when choosing a kitchen hood.

What is the role of the cooker hood?

Over time, the hood has become one of the most important appliances in the kitchen, right next to standard appliances such as fridges and cookers. Why did that happen? The main reason is its function of eliminating unwanted smells. Thanks to it, the kitchen does not smell like frying, baking or cooking food. The extractor hood located directly above the cooktop allows for immediate extraction of odour into the ventilation system or, if used as a filter, directs it to carbon filters. What's more, the canopies also help us to get rid of steam and moisture, which not only causes damage to furniture and walls, but also creates a greasy film on them that can build up over time and is hard to clean. To sum up, when we install the right hood in the kitchen, we will eliminate the smell of prepared food from home, we will take care of the condition of furniture and its longer life and less often we will be forced to paint the walls. Only which one of the hoods will guarantee that.

Cabinet hood

Most often, the hood is installed in small kitchens or in kitchens where the furniture ordered is made to measure and we get a place for it. As the name suggests, the hood is mounted directly under the kitchen cupboard, above the cooktop. The device is usually compact in size, which is its unquestionable advantage. A special type of hood is the telescopic hood. It is activated by pulling out a drawer called a telescope. It increases the odour and water vapour absorption surface, and when the device is not in use, simply slide it back in. It is a discreet equipment also for small kitchens, but its operation is slightly more efficient than a standard hood. It also does not limit the space above the cabinet, in which you can install e.g. a dryer for dishes.

Chimney hood

Chimney hoods are already much larger devices, but you can count on their more effective operation. This device is the most common in Polish kitchens. It works either as a hood or as an absorber, so it does not have to be installed directly in the ventilation system. The chimney hood is fixed to the wall, directly above the cooktop. Its geometric shapes are recommended for modern kitchens. The price of a chimney hood depends on the specific model. We distinguish such types of eaves as corner and diagonal eaves. The corner chimney hood is dedicated to stoves located in the corner of the kitchen, while the diagonal one draws the most attention with its modern design. But they all work on the same principles.

How about an island hood?

Island hood is designed for kitchen with island, but not only. It is an efficient device that can also be treated as an original decoration of a room. It is hard not to notice him, because he usually has a long, cylindrical form. The island hood is suitable for installation anywhere, as it is not dependent on any wall. A ceiling-mounted appliance can therefore hang even in the middle of the kitchen, where it will of course absorb cooking odours. Often the island hood also has advanced functions. For many people, however, its superior feature is its modern appearance. It leads the dirt directly to the ventilation shaft, so it does not have to be installed near the chimney. The island hoods also work as a scavenger, which means they are not dependent on any installation at all. This does not mean, however, that there are no producers on the market who would offer fashionable island hoods at attractive prices.

What else should I pay attention to?

We presented the types of hoods and their basic advantages and disadvantages, but that's not all. When buying a kitchen hood, other features should also be taken into account. The device must be solidly constructed and have an easy-to-use panel. It is also important to use light in the kitchen hood, which gives us even more control over the state of the prepared food. Modern hoods have touch or remote control. What is more, they are equipped with a standard function or turbo option, which allows you to quickly get rid of smells from the kitchen. This is a very useful feature when, for example, something burns down and we need to clean the room immediately before the smell spreads around the house. These and other practical functions are provided by the Kernau hoods.

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