Walls and floors are part of every living space. They can categorise a particular style of interior design. They also reflect the individuality of the human being. It is through their decorations that he expresses himself, his character and values. In today's article we suggest how to arrange walls and floors according to current trends!

Mathematical geometric figures

Interior designers love to use mathematical figures in every apartment. However, they play a fantastic role in a small space, such as a studio. Why would I do that? They are responsible for the visual enlargement of tiny rooms. In addition, they adapt to rooms where the modernist soul of the aesthetics reigns - furniture with simple, universal shapes dominates, and restraint in the use of unnecessary decorations.

The current hit is a combination of hexagon and motif of geometric figures on the walls. In a duet, they form the so-called honeycomb, which creates the illusion of three-dimensional. If you like to go crazy, opt for a hand inspired by the art deco style, which has been popular for years. Those that are based on a straight line or crystal structure, fantastically reflect concave and convex points, which means that you optically create more space.

Carton, point and period

For several years now, the ecological style has been attracting a constantly growing group of followers. Cardboard, i.e. renewable raw material, will be a fantastic solution for minimalist wall decoration.

With a large cardboard box you can create a map of the world, which you will find in a classic, subdued living room. With the help of a point and a dot you will be able to mark places you want to visit or where you have already been. Hidden in a corner, the legend will make you create an intriguing space in which the world likes to circulate.

Vinyl tiles an ally of the floor

Vinyl tiles, made of waterproof, high quality synthetic material, are perfect for the floor in any room. In addition to the characteristics, which are also advantages, there are also other positive "side effects". They are very durable, easy to care for - they do not require any special measures and long-term scrubbing. The surface of the tiles is also resistant to scratches and other damage caused e.g. by falling sharp objects.

The material itself and the advantages of vinyl tiles play the most important role in fashionable interior design. Only then is their colour or design taken into account - the manufacturers offer a variety of motifs that can be found in every style that we want to smuggle into the hallway, kitchen or bathroom.

Kaleidoscope of Morocco

The surface of the tile, which is covered with abstract, and thus, also the original ornament is a fantastic decoration of the apartments decorated in the style of the Middle East. The grid of crossing lines, which visually resemble an interesting image, refers to an exotic interpretation of a kaleidoscope. Remember that for this type of tiles, choose rather subdued colors and uniform surfaces and materials. Ornaments like to dominate - if their apparent harmony is dimmed with something, they create an effect of rubbish and kitsch.

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