Kitchen is one of the most important points in every home. Its arrangement has a significant impact on the comfort of cooking. One of the key decisions you need to make is to choose the right cooker. Will it be better gas or induction?

Choosing the right cooker - the question of installation

Every house or apartment has its own rules and it will not always be possible to use any kitchen solution. If there is no gas installation in the apartment or even in the whole block of flats, it seems impossible to buy a gas cooker. Some people in this situation reach for cookers powered from cylinders, but it's not worth it.

The situation is somewhat different when it comes to the house. Theoretically, almost any installation can be connected to it, provided that we obtain appropriate permissions. Again, the question arises, however, whether it is worthwhile to combine and subsidize the installation to use a particular type of stove? A much more reasonable choice seems to be the purchase of a cooker that can be mounted at the connections, without major modifications.

  • If there is a gas installation in the building or we plan to connect it also for other purposes (heating, HUW), we can choose a gas kitchen.
  • If there is no gas installation in the building, it is worth focusing on electric and induction stoves.

Gas kitchens - a classic which is very popular

A free-standing gas cooker is a solution that has many supporters and it's no wonder. A stove of this type is much cheaper to buy than a separate purchase of a gas hob and a built-in oven. A gas kitchen is, moreover, a free-standing structure that can be added to furniture without worrying about the construction and the need to modify the cabinets - just put the cooker in the right place, connect it and you're done.

Which gas kitchen to choose?

The offer of this type of devices is wide and diversified. When buying it is worth to be guided by the key parameters:

  • Brand - it is worth to reach for the devices of well-known and valued brands.
  • Price - prices of gas kitchens are not too high (usually oscillate between several hundred and a thousand zlotys, although there are models at much higher prices).
  • Aesthetics - the stove is a complement to the kitchen arrangement, so it is worth choosing one that suits us in terms of color and design.
  • Type of oven - some ovens are equipped with electric ovens, others with gas ovens.

It is worth choosing a gas stove if you have a gas installation at home. It's an inexpensive purchase that will allow you to prepare any food you want.

Induction hobs - modern convenience

When the first induction hob models appeared in shops, the real fashion for this type of hob became reality. Users appreciated their minimalist design, easy handling and the fact that they are so easy to clean. Some induction hobs require a suitable electrical connection (three-phase - 400V), others are supplied from a single phase (230V) as standard, so you can say that a properly selected induction hob can be used in any kitchen.

Induction cooktops are comfortable to use - flat, smooth, equipped with specific heating fields. Some heat only at certain points, others adjust the heating surface to the size of the pots. You will not get a similar effect on an electric or gas cooker. Induction also works a bit faster, so the dishes prepared on the induction cooker are ready to eat faster.

Which induction hob to choose?

The offer of induction hobs is also very wide and diversified. These are plates of various sizes and parameters. In order to choose the right one, it is worth paying attention to a few key parameters:

  • Hob dimensions - induction hobs are available in classic sizes (approx. 60 cm wide), as well as in wider and narrower versions.
  • The number of heating fields can be 2, 4 or even 8.
  • Colours - induction hobs are sometimes available in black, white and other variants.
  • Brand - it is worth choosing the products of well-known and valued producers.
  • Price - individual devices may differ significantly in terms of prices. In order not to overpay, it is worth comparing different offers and checking current promotions and special offers.
  • Type of power supply and total power - this is a priority for technical reasons. If you have a standard power supply (230V) to the induction hob, you should look for this type of hob, because some models require 400V power supply.
  • Control - the most common is touch control, but there is also no lack of electronically or mechanically controlled boards.

Buying an induction hob or gas cooker is an important decision. It is worth selecting the equipment for your installations and taking into account your own usage and aesthetic preferences.

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