A modern kitchen should be on the one hand functional, and on the other hand - surprising with the texture of selected finishing materials and accessories that determine the style of living. Designer's accessories, which will emphasize the original décor, are worth choosing already at the stage of finishing the kitchen.

Stone, glass and metal

In modern kitchens, glass and stone elements often appear in the kitchen. The glass surface between hanging and standing cabinets will successfully replace traditional tiles. A glass plate made of tempered glass can cover an impressive wallpaper, which in turn can be the only colour element in the whole kitchen. The most fashionable are minimalist kitchens, modelled on the Scandinavian style, in which furniture made of natural wood appears.

The decoration itself is dominated by accessories made of natural materials - a slightly futuristic combination of glass and metal blends perfectly with light wood. Equally important is the choice of sink and kitchen faucet, which should also have a simple form. For this reason, instead of a metal sink, a granite sink with a kitchen mixer that looks like a simple brass mixer is becoming more and more common. Such a sink is very often located under the window, so the battery can be either a window or a folding battery.

Which granite sink to choose

Although it is commonly believed that the granite sink is made of granite, it is formally composed of a composite based on a mixture of granite and resin. This ensures that the sink retains its natural stone texture but is not too heavy. The choice of a good sink depends on many factors, including the frequency of manual washing (an additional nozzle may be useful here, allowing for free rinsing of dishes), the type of battery, but also on the place where the sink will be placed.

As in the case of sinks made of other materials, such as cast iron or metal, it is also possible to opt for a single- or double-chamber sinks, where the choice of the number of chambers depends directly on the frequency of washing. The granite sink is durable and at the same time resistant to limescale deposits from water. Its shape, however, in most cases does not affect its functionality, although rectangular or oval double-chamber sinks are more suitable for frequent hand washing.

Many manufacturers introduce their own names to describe the mixture from which the sink is made, the name often being linked to the mineral content of the composite. These sinks are available in a wide range of colours, from light beige to dark anthracite. In modern kitchens, grey sinks are usually chosen due to the colour scheme of induction hobs or furniture. When choosing such a sink, remember that it does not like to come into contact with hot dishes, and in case of impact - it breaks.

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