Work, study or making hobby drawings. In the home office there is a place for taking up challenges related not only to professional work. More and more often we start to sit here. We take the computer and documents with us to work in silence and concentration. But how do we ensure maximum focus? It cannot do without properly selected lighting.

Traditional solution, i.e. a desk lamp

A well-developed home office space is very important. Most often, setting up a desk and other furniture does not cause us any problems. It's going up the hill when we start thinking about lighting. Let's start with a proposal of a traditional solution, i.e. a typical desk lamp.

The desk lamp works well in any home office. A narrow diffuser usually also offers a narrow but concentrated light beam. The movable lamp, in particular the part with the lamp shade, gives you the chance to direct the light to the selected part of the desk top. For precise work or reading important documents, this is a very good solution. Unfortunately, the desk lamp will not provide uniform illumination of the entire office, so you need to complement it with a hanging lamp. It will give you the feeling of spaciousness and, above all, the proper illumination of the entire room or designated area if your home office is part of one room.

The combination of usable and decorative values of both types of lighting, gives almost perfect results.

Table lamp - functionality and design effects

An interesting alternative is the use of a table lamp. Usually we associate it with the one responsible for building the climate and atmosphere of the interior. We successfully extend its use if we replace a typical desk lamp with it. Choosing the one that has a wide and bright shade, promotes proper illumination of the office space. Besides, one can count on the aesthetics of the interior, which is not without significance for the effects of the undertaken actions.

You can choose a table lamp with a carved plaster base. The lamp based on a ceramic, decorated leg is beautifully presented. The classic for typical offices is a milky lamp shade in a geometric shape, with a silver, gold or copper leg.

The same table lamp can be placed on other furniture that has been placed in a home office or even a larger office. Another solution is to combine the lighting of small portions of space by a table lamp with the uniformly diffused light offered by ceiling and wall mounted plafonds.

Hanging lamps and what happens next?

Hanging lamps cannot replace additional lighting. After all, their task is to perform the function of the main lighting. It should cover the entire home office, so that it can be used comfortably at any time of day. Hanging lamps must therefore form a successful duo with a desk lamp or table lamp. What does that mean?

You don't have to choose lamps that are identical in style. Finally, the arrangements are to inspire and build an atmosphere in which not only concentration will be at the highest level. Variety works well, but it is advisable that all the lamps selected for the office should combine at least one element - the same shape, colour or detail. Thanks to this, the arrangement is consistent, and all the rest meets the most exorbitant requirements of users.

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