Furnishing a room where we have a small amount of natural light at the beginning is not the simplest challenge. In such cases, every detail counts in order to achieve a good result. What to take care of and focus on? See the proven tricks and lighting of a room right away!

First of all, the colours

To light up the interior of a room, focus first on the colours you introduce into it. This is a decision that is worth making already at the stage of painting walls and buying the first furniture. If there is little natural light in your room, you have to bet on bright, delicate colours. A simple range of colours will make your room optically larger and give you more light right away.

The colours you can trust are, among others:

  • white,
  • ashes, light grays,
  • Beiges,
  • delicate, subtle pastels,

Careful choice of colours will help you to illuminate the room, and more specifically, will prevent you from achieving the effect of overwhelming and darkening, which in the case of poorly illuminated spaces must be avoided like a fire!

The right lighting is a priority

Adequate lighting is also a priority for dark rooms. Priority should be given to ceiling lamps. These are probably the ones you'll be using most often! Do you want an original but lightweight model? Review the offer of modern arrangements - these are interesting compositions, delighting not only with their functionality, but also with the amount of light they are able to deliver to the room. And don't forget the extra lighting. In case of dark rooms it is obligatory! The room was brightened up by a standing lamp, which is also an interesting element of the whole arrangement.

Watch out for rash summaries

A room with too little natural light is very easy to overwhelm. Remember not to make hasty decisions and not to bet on random arrangements. Bright colours, a well-thought-out number of accessories, also in terms of colour, and the right lighting are the key to success. Any multitude of patterns, mixing styles or overwhelming the room with too many decorations will make you achieve the opposite effect to the one intended from the beginning, which is lighting up the small and dark room. The Scandinavian style is conducive to clear arrangements - it is full of natural, bright colours and minimalist and delicate decorations - it is essential to familiarize yourself with such combinations!

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