Every house or apartment has a bathroom, sometimes more than one. This room, which is currently used not only for hygienic activities, but also allows you to regenerate your body and calm your mind in the comfort of your home. This is a place of first aid, where we gain distance, rest and relax, when we do not have time to go to the SPA, and the pace of life allows you to slow down only for a moment, usually in the evening. The answer to these needs can be a home bathroom with a personal relaxation area. How to organize it in order to benefit from the advantages of bathroom therapy?

Bathtub or shower?

Depending on the size of the room, it is worth to provide such a functional program that we care about. In the case of single-family houses, where there are usually at least two bathrooms, one with a shower cubicle and the other with a bathtub, you do not have to give up anything. Things are different in bathrooms in flats, here we do not always manage to fit everything we would like.

Having doubts about the placement of specific equipment in the bathroom, it's worth reviewing the catalog designs of homes to see how architects are planning - both for small bathrooms with cabins and bathing salons with bathtubs that reflect the application of ergonomic principles and regulations in force.

Smaller bathrooms, in which for various reasons it is impossible to foresee a bath tub, can provide as much comfort and relaxation as larger ones. Simply plan a cabin with a steam bath or hydromassage function to relax your muscles and warm up your body. It's a good base for manual massage, even made by yourself. The possibility of using aromatic essential oils allows you to choose their type to the desired effects - such as calming (from lemon balm or lavender), or relaxing (from eucalyptus or mint). Today's cabins provide results similar to those that our parents or grandparents used to go to sanatoriums for in the past.

If the bathroom is large enough to fit a bathtub, it is worth doing this by matching it not only to the size of the interior, but also to the height of the user, bearing in mind that it is the bathtub that allows you to change the bathroom into a home relaxation center. In the more luxurious version, in addition to a relaxing bath, it can also provide a massage, relieving the effects of everyday tensions and stress.

What affects the senses?

The relaxation room is to be a place where you can calm down emotions and regenerate after a hard day. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the right atmosphere and climate of the interior, which will affect almost all senses - sight, hearing, smell and touch. To begin with, light is important - easy access to the main source, but during silencing moods, warm, out of focus, e.g. from candles. If you use them, it's a good idea to have your favourite aromas coming out of them; the aromas you like, which have a soothing effect, will help to improve your mood. In the background it is good to be able to listen to your favourite sounds - atmospheric music or natural sounds of nature (the noise of the sea or water calms you down and promotes concentration). It is also important to touch - that is why liquids or oils used so willingly in baths to provide soft foam or flower petals - water that envelops the body is to be pleasantly warm, "soft", have a nice color and smell. Various accessories will also be useful - sponges, brushes, massages, and finally warm, fluffy towels and a pleasant to the touch bathrobe. SPA regeneration is a sensual process in which every detail can be important.

In some cases, even the location of the bathroom, the access to natural light or the little things that evoke pleasant associations can decide about the final result. Having doubts how to get down to planning a personal relaxation zone, it is best to consult a designer, because the currently available designs of houses, although they are a mineral of ideas and ready-made solutions, do not have to fit at all to each case. For sure, however, it is worth investing in a personal relaxation zone.

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