If we are planning a complete change of bathroom arrangement, we must take into account the fact that it will involve not only time-consuming but also expensive activities. Fortunately, following a few tips you can arrange this interior in a way that will delight us for years to come. Regardless of the style of arrangement we decide on, we should remember about the importance of matching ceramics, taking care to observe minimum distances between individual elements of equipment and the selection of such solutions that will make it possible to regulate the function of the bathroom in accordance with the needs of the household members.

It is also worth considering whether it is really a good solution to break with timeless proposals for seasonal trends, even if they are extremely interesting. So if the effect of the arrangement is to last for years, perhaps it is not worth succumbing to temporary fascinations?

The first idea is to have a white bathroom.

When we talk about timeless interiors, we almost immediately think of using white in them. This color is used especially in the case of quite large elements, such as bathroom furniture. Of course, an interesting idea is also the use of contrast, so a good solution is to use white furniture in combination with chrome plated fittings. White can also be an intriguing background for accessories that stand out thanks to their interesting shades. What's more, the bright colour scheme makes the room optically lighter, which is also an asset. When choosing whiteness it is worth to put on quality asking ourselves whether the materials we use at some point will not lose the shade expected by us. If we focus on sanitary facilities, glazed sanitary ceramics may be a good idea, and if we buy furniture, the guarantee of safety is often a protective varnish, which covers it.

The second idea - minimalist style in the bathroom

The proponents of timeless elegance are increasingly inclined towards minimalism and it is hard not to agree that they have reason to admire it. This trend in interior design has been enjoying exceptional popularity for years, as the elimination of unnecessary elements makes the room more spacious and makes it more comfortable to use. When looking for solutions that work perfectly in a minimalist bathroom, it is worth paying attention to the concealed fittings. The connection elements are hidden in the wall recess and thus only the functional and decorative can be seen. The concealed mixer is particularly popular with shower enclosures, as it is the perfect solution when you want to save space. Minimalism can also be sought by starting to buy a bidet and toilet bowl, because an interesting solution are suspended proposals, which are mounted with the use of a flush-mounted frame. Furniture can also be hanging posts, because then we have the impression of a cohesive composition of the room. Of course, minimalism in the bathroom is also an appropriate color scheme, especially white and shades of gray.

Third idea - a retro-style bathroom

Retro-style bathroom

If we are looking for a style that will ensure that its popularity will not pass with the next seasons, a particularly intriguing solution may be a retro bathroom. The price includes not only original decorations, but also attention to detail. Finding solutions that meet the needs of such interiors is not difficult today, because stylized fittings are very popular. Floor bathtubs equipped with a shower handle and decorative handles for bathroom faucets look interesting. These are solutions that bring us back to the past, although as functional as we expect from the proposals of our contemporaries. If our bathroom is large enough, we can also place a decorative toilet in it - a dream come true for thousands of women.

Fourth idea - Scandinavian style in the bathroom

The Scandinavian style was not born by chance, as we often see it as a response to the difficult conditions faced by the inhabitants of northern Europe. The basic problem here is limited access to sunlight, and the way to solve it is to put emphasis on space and brightness of the interior. The Scandinavian style also means natural materials and simple forms - a reference to the world of nature. Bathroom maintained in this style is characterized by both economical aesthetics and high level of functionality. An interesting solution may be, among others, the use of chromium plated fittings.

Fifth idea - a bathroom inspired by nature

Those who have already become familiar with the Scandinavian style and have discovered that they can be regarded as its followers, often also rely on the natural inspirations used in bathroom interiors. This style is dominated by wooden furniture, which is perfect for concrete walls and stone stoneware. When looking for shades for such an interior, the best solution is to trust earth colours, i.e. browns, greens and shades of grey. It is an excellent background, which will be perfect both in the company of a wicker basket and a chair made of rattan. If we are thinking about a bathroom inspired by nature, we can also afford to have vegetation in such a room.

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