Are you in the process of building a house from A to Z? Or maybe you want to do a thorough renovation with a replacement of windows? It is worth to think about their type. We suggest what to pay attention to during the purchase.

Types of roof windows

The most popular are the roof windows, which can be installed anywhere. They provide good visibility for both standing and sitting people. Roof windows are installed at different roof pitch angles, however, you should remember that the smaller the angle, the longer the window should be. Roof windows provide natural light to the attic. They also have an impact on the overall design of the attic. If you want to create an exceptionally illuminated and bright interior, all you need to do is install several windows next to each other.

It's a big cost, but this way you can make a house with a view of the sky. If you need financial help to make your savings, quick cash can help. Another type are skylights, i.e. roof windows. They do not provide as much light as they do on roofs, so it is not advisable to install only this type of attic. Roof windows are fitted with a dome, which can be square, rectangular or round. The skylights are small and very tight. It is also a type of window resistant to corrosion.

There are also so-called dormers. It is a superstructure and at the same time a decorative element of the roof. Most often dormers are used in houses with classical architecture or in historic buildings. The windows are quite small, so they have a decorative function. Making a dormouse in an existing building is quite expensive, so if you care about such a decorative element, you may need a quick cash payment.

How do I open a window?

Before you design an attic and buy a roof window, consider how to open it. Often pivot roof windows are used, which allows them to be opened around the axis of rotation. A big advantage of this solution is the possibility of washing the glass from the outside. The second popular type are tilt and turn windows, which can be additionally tiltable. There are also so-called Turn-Only roof windows, which are most often used to exit the roof for a chimney sweep.

Consider the type of window that will open unhindered. The handle should be installed in the lower part of the window in order to open the window comfortably.

What else should I pay attention to?

When selecting the ideal roof window, take into account the material. Most often, wooden or PVC windows are installed in the attic. The first type is extremely resistant to temperature changes or wind. Plastic windows will work well in places particularly exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens. In the attic, it is worth installing windows higher. The bottom edge should be about 120 centimetres from the floor.

Roof windows can be additionally enriched with a remote control system or sensors that react to wind or rain. They will automatically close when the weather changes. Such variety is an additional cost, but a quick loan can help to introduce functional and comfortable solutions to your home.

Instead of traditional roof windows, you can also build a balcony consisting of an upper sash that can be opened and a lower sash that cannot be opened. You can also install balcony doors.

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